Punta Cana IT Project

Punta Cana IT Project

Pilotage International is a multicultural learning center located in the largest resort area in the Caribbean, Punta Cana / Bávaro / Macao, on the east coast of the Dominican Republic. Students are of many nationalities who’ve come to Punta Cana to work in the tourist industry. At Pilotage, they learn new languages – Spanish, French, English, Russian, German and others and grow in intercultural living, personal development and Biblical wisdom. Pilotage uses volunteers from a wide base to combine learning with serving others from all over the world.

With a two man project team, WePartner completed a project for Pilotage in January, 2011. Working with the director and staff, we upgraded their email system and installed a new Microsoft Server for their network. The network supports the computer-based audio visual learning software, used by students in the lab to complete their language training. Both learning and administrative systems were backed-up and then restored on the new server, fully tested and released back to the organization.

Pilotage has established a strong base and is looking forward to expansion in other areas. WePartner was privileged to support this work in partnership with Willow Creek Community Church’s Global Connections ministry.

2010 Global Leadership Summit Team

GLS Endcap

As spring approaches, I am filled with gratitude.  Not just for this beautiful day, but for all the wonderful people I have met in my life.  Many of them through WePartner. 

 I think about the people we met in the village of Deir-Abu-Hennis.  WePartner volunteers spoke in three local churches, and were warmly received by the congregants.  WePartner volunteers also held workshops on women’s issues.  The response to their teaching was overwhelming.  Everywhere we went, the local people were warm and welcoming.  It was a great experience.

The team of production volunteers kicked it into high gear when we got back to Cairo.  Everyone was estatic when we discovered that many, many more people would be in attendance than in 2009.  We concluded the Global Leadership Summit 2010 with a song.  Nothing stirs the heart like the sound of so many voices harmonizing together.  A special thanks to all the “behind the scenes”  volunteers, who taped, ran audio and lights for the event.  Watching them working together, language and cultural differences aside, was a great illustration of harmony of spirit.


As I sit overlooking the Nile, I have to say that today I’m impressed with the coordination between Kasr El Dobara and WePartner’s technical and logistics team.  Each session has begun ON TIME, even in a culture that considers time differently.  And it wasn’t as if people were left behind with the GLS starting without them.  Last night the room was packed with 1200+ people before start time.  This morning, it was standing room only!

Everything was handled professionally from the cameras, sound, light, translation and orderliness in serving the lunch meal.

Thanks team for such a well coordinated effort and making it all seamless!

In terms of content, I am continually amazed at how God orchestrates things that even the best project manager could not.  When Shoji, Mae and I were assigned our topics for the Pre-Summit Seminars, we wrote them independently.  When they were complete, we were amazed at how one built on the other.  The women were encouraged.

But today, it was even more amazing how even video and live discussions re-emphasized the same points.  Only God could have synchronized such independent thought processes and content development.  Of particular encouragement to the women was Christine Caine’s personal story.  The women resonated with Christine’s story of hardship and how despite this, God has used her in a big way.  It would be an understatement to say that women here continue to endure hardship.    They have been given permission to dream for the first time; permission to think of their own desires and take the risk to pray and fast on behalf of their own personal needs and desires!  I was told in advance that this might be a new experience for the women here.  It seems inconceivable that any person would exist without having explored their own needs and felt comfortable enough to ask God to assist with those needs.  This was a message well received this week.

Through it all, I was especially touched by the worship that we have in common with our Egyptian brothers and sisters.  Singing the same tunes in our own languages was amazing.  But the different rhythms were inspiring!  The lyrics referencing wandering through the desert like Moses was an amazing reminder of the historical significance of where we now stand!



Tuesday the WePartner team converged on Mallawi with more than 70 pastors and lay-leaders representing at least 15 ministries from the local and surrounding areas. Mallawi Evangelical Christian Church, located within the hustle and bustle of a city sounding like Los Angeles or New York were it not of the ‘hee-haws’ of passing donkeys, hosted a one-day leadership seminar where three volunteers from the WeParter team each presented on leadership and teambuilding within the community.

The seminar, based on Bill Hybel’s book “Courageous Leadership,” played out more like an interactive roundtable, as ideas on leadership were discussed in open forum and the struggles to reach the needs of the community in Christ-like fashion were wrestled with.  The exchange of information and ideas gave both sides fresh understanding of the possibilities, filling the day fasterthan anyone expected – a single day was not enough to exhaust all thoughts on the matter.

With new friendships, partnerships, and materials in-hand (including an Arabic translation of Hybels’ book) each attendee left with another tool for their respective ministries.  Today, the WePartner team prays for each of them as they lead their ministries to reach Upper Egypt for Christ.


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