The Leadership Summit

Hope of the World – World Class Leadership

Since 1995, Willow Creek Community Church has had an annual conference called the Leadership Summit.  With the belief that the Church has a job to bring hope to the world through the message of Christ and by members of the Church, leadership in the church is a top priority.  The Summit has grown over the years to an attendance of over 170,000 people worldwide in over 60 countries!  The quality of the sessions and the material presented is always outstanding and worthy of the time spent attending and learning.

The Hope of the World is essential to bring hope to people, peace to the world, and authenticity of community.  We have been honored to help bring the Summit to Egypt since November 2008.   Attendees  learned together about leadership, building great teams, and many other skills to help improve their leadership.

If you would like to help with the Summit, please contact us.  There are opportunities to donate and other ways to be involved.

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