Wadi Sports Camp

Phone System for Wadi Sports Camp

In 2008, Wadi Sports Camp asked us to help setup a phone system for their new building, “the Hotel.”

Two of us traveled to Cairo for an assessment trip.  Among some of tasks we did, was a site check, interviewed the leaders for their vision for the project, took pictures of the building, wall plates, power outlets, Internet & Telecom feeds, interviewed the electrical contractor on site and requested modifications to current designs and acquired a set of Blue Prints for the building.

Our team of seven, spent the summer going over the project, design, equipment, culture orientation, prayer, fund raising and much more…

In November, the volunteer team from the USA, along with some volunteers from Cairo and electricians got together on site and for five days, they worked together on installing the phone system.  It was a wonderful mix of people who got together to benefit the community and build new relationships across ethnic backgrounds and even people who don’t speak a common language!

Here are some fun numbers:

Team members – 15

Miles traveled – 189,000

Hours of work – 1,261

Phones installed – 75

People served – Priceless!  WSC holds camps throughout the year, for kids, teens, youth and adults.